PC monitor goes into "stand-by" (Automatic?)


I use two Pc monitors, a primary and a secondary, it is the primary screen that has the problem - secondary works great.

The problem is: the primary monitor automatically goes into standby mode (it seems) When I surf the web, the monitor can suddenly just black out, but there is still some lights there indicating that it should work.

When I press the OFF button, then ON - I see the picture for about 1-2 seconds, then it becomes black again, this process must be repeated many times, then it usually tends to behave normally again (while i'm writing this post the monitor is still not in normal behavior)

In other words, the screen is not broken, it's still a working image - the colors and everything - but it seems like it automatically goes into standby mode. (ex: when i press the off - on button I can clearly see it says DVI in the left corner, then it goes black again)

Is there anyone who has ever seen a similar problem? Is there a fix I can do myself? any suggestions? ALL suggestions are welcome!

The screen is 3-4 years old, it's a Samsung SyncMaster 225MW 22 "(maybe 21.5")
The screen is connected to the PC via DVI

Extras: the problem started about 2 weeks ago, which has occurred 4-5 times. The first time the problem occurred was that the PC was in idle (not used in about 2-4 hours) so both screens were off after power-saving settings.

What I have tried:

- Checked that the cable is hard / well in the computer and monitor.
- Taking the power cable in and out
- Tried a restart of the PC when the problem occurs
- I have tried using a VGA cable, still same problem

Thank you for all your help!