Marco Arment has been pushing out updates to his Instapaper reading app pretty quickly since the new iPad launched. Version 4.1 included Retina display support and additional features like six new fonts and a full-screen reading mode. Now, version 4.1.1 has been released with a number of bug fixes, refinements, and the reinstatement of Instapaper's list view for articles. This view had been previously done away with with the release of version 4.0 in favor of a grid interface, but now users thankfully have the option to choose either — it seems that not all users appreciated the new view.

There are also some tweaks to new features that were added in 4.1. For example, articles now slide in and out of view to match the new swiping gestures, swiping between pages in pagination mode has a nice new animation, and images have been darkened when using "dark mode" so that they don't blow your eyes out when they load. This last feature is particularly well-implemented; if you want to see the image at full brightness, just give it a tap. As for bug fixes, the new Elana font's rendering in landscape mode has been fixed, and dark-mode crashes have been reduced. There's nothing ground-breaking in this update, but it's a nice refinement over 4.1, and long-time users will likely be happy to see the return of list view — we know we are.