One year ago, Samsung released the Series 9 laptop, and at the time, we'd never seen a more premium Windows machine. It was thin, light, visually striking, and choice components filled the svelte machine, including a comfortable backlit keyboard, a fast SSD, an aluminum alloy chassis, and a wonderful matte screen. If it weren't for the 13-inch computer's $1,649 price tag (which admittedly fell to $1,399 after a few months), it might have been a roaring success.

As is, it was good enough for Samsung to give the formula a second chance. The updated 13-inch Series 9 is even thinner and lighter than its predecessor — at 12.7mm thick, it could be the thinnest of them all — and at 14.7mm thick, the brand-new 15-inch Series 9 is definitely the slimmest 15-inch laptop around. Is there no end to how thin these machines can get before compromises rear their ugly heads? Does that thinness make up for price tags that are still quite high to begin with, when the specs (a 1.6GHz Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, integrated graphics) are basically the same?

Today, I'm reviewing the $1,500 15-inch Series 9, and keeping those questions at the top of my mind.