The International Trade Commission plans to review parts of its initial ruling from last December's Microsoft and Motorola patent dispute. Microsoft had originally brought forth a claim that Motorola's Android handsets were in violation of nine of its patents, but an administrative law judge ultimately determined Motorola to only be in violation of one. Both parties filed petitions for review following the ruling, and today the ITC responded by saying that it would re-evaluate parts of its decision.

Specifically, the trade panel wants to investigate how the hearing's administrative law judge determined the economic and technical aspects of the disputed patents, as well as hear arguments from both sides regarding patents 5,758,352 and 6,370,566, the latter of which was found to be infringed upon. Microsoft and Motorola are required to submit written responses to the ITC by March 19th, 2012.

The next decision from the ITC is still due in the spring, but that doesn't mean we're anywhere near seeing the end of the fight between the two companies. If nothing else, they are still locked in another mobile patent dispute in the European Union, this one regarding Wi-Fi and h.264.