Following the demise of Kodachrome, Kodak is stopping the production of its other color reversal films. Inventories of Ektachrome E100G, E100VS, and Elite Chrome Extra Color are expected to last from six to nine months, though Kodak will still be producing its E-6 processing chemicals. The company said that the move was due to dropping customer demand and complex manufacturing issues, and has essentially left Fujifilm as the sole remaining player in the market.

Color reversal film, commonly called "slide film," is even more of a niche product than standard color negative film these days — its primary uses are in projectors and professional print work, though more recently it's been popular with lo-fi photographers who use it for cross-processing. Kodak's extraneous businesses have been dropping like flies in the company's continuing efforts to restructure following bankruptcy, but the decline in film products' popularity probably won't come as much of a surprise.