Public Service Announcement: Korean 2560x1440 ips monitors... for 400 dollars

This might be of general interest, there are a couple large threads alerting display seekers to some new panels that have come on the market and are being sold through ebay.

The ips panel is an lg, the SAME panel used in the thousand dollar apple cinema display and the 27" imac, ditto for the 27" 2740 hp monitor (though that one has the aggressive AG coating lg uses)

I believe these panels are glossy, and here are the two large threads in case you want to dive into info on them.


an interesting finding, it seems the catleap variants are allowing the users to "overclock" the refresh rate higher than the standard 60Hz, some people have gotten as high as 100Hz... on a 2560x1440 IPS display... for ~ 400 dollars... #$%king insane.

I ordered the shimian variant, did so before the catleaps were rumored to be able to run at even higher refresh rates though, but I'll see when mine gets here. I've been wanting a large AND high res monitor for awhile, but could not justify spending near a thousand dollars just for a screen, when I saw this I jumped on it, and apparently so have many others.

It's worth the risk to me of no warranty support, but it IS riskier.

And now you know. I seek no thanks, consider me the deal of the decade jesus, I only give, for I so loved the world that I gave my greatest ridiculously good gadget tip to you all.