If you've ever wanted to direct a Japanese pop music video — and who hasn't — this might be as close as you'll get. Massively popular J-pop trio Perfume has made motion-captured data from a dance routine available for download on their website, so that fans can shoot and skin their own 3D music videos. The data is available in BHV format, and comes complete with WAV music from Perfume and Capsule producer Yasutaka Nakata.

You'll be able to import the skeletal motion data into 3D animation software to recut with your own models and backdrops, and a couple of examples are below. The first is from Perfume's site and renders the group members with particle effects, while the second is a fan-made video from YouTube inevitably starring Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku. You can also manipulate an example in real time via the splash page of Perfume's site.