How Google and GDrive can innovate in the cloud storage arena.



Lets face it the GDrive (Google Cloud Storage/ Google Drive) when it is finally released will be a bit late to the game. Other offerings, some of which are very compelling have become part of a workflow for early adopters. DropBox has a great API and client syncing, but a small (2GB) entry level storage allocation. iCloud is fairly basic, but clearly the data centers built by Apple indicate they are anticipating this to be a core feature/service of their ecosystem. Others like Microsoft are offering much more storage (25GB) than the suspected 2GB with Googles soon to be released offering.

How can Google differentiate themselves with the GDrive? There is a lot of room for innovation in the still young cloud storage arena. Below are a few Ideas that came to mind this morning.

  • Attachments received in gmail are dropped into GDrive automatically with link to email associated with it. (These should count against inbox storage caps)
  • Closely tied to gmail/email for sending of download links rather than emailng the file directly.
  • *** Central locker and unified interface for gmail attachments/Docs/GVoice messages/Google Music/GDrive/Google+-Picasa images/Easy upload of Videos to YouTube
  • Easy location to save maps/directions as PDFs for offline viewing to the GDrive
  • Integrate heavily so that within Android, Google+ and on the client it is easy to see someone elses GDrive and the files they've shared with you. (under contacts similar to how G+ is shared there as well)
  • Best in Class API for integration into web services/Apps of all sorts to make it a central and pervasive service.

*** Google needs to centralize their locker/storage buckets or else they will have a confusing array of silo'd data which is frustrating to manage. Their current efforts of unifying their offerings would be poorly served if they create more silos of services. GDrive is an opportunity to simplify the experience for the customer, that should be taken advantage of by Google.

These are a few ideas that would make the Gdrive more than a glorified Docs folder and interface. What features are you hoping to find in GDrive that aren't being met by other services?