best "home" media serving options

hi there

i created my own 20 drives server at my basment about 2 years ago, tryed almost every thing from linux to whs and now win7

my main goal was to serve my movies and series's to my self... and with some pvr automation, xbmc + plex combination i been sucsseful at that

now i am facing a new challenge, i want to digitilize my family VHS and photo collections

the trick here is i dont want them streamed only to me, but to other family members as well... now to be honest i didnt yet tackle the VHS thingy yet because all i am going to do is rip them and add them as home movies on plex and i am done

but its the photos that giving me a headache... so what are the requirments, each can add his own photos to the server, have his own private ( not really private just wont appear at others viewrs ) photos, and most importantly, the server should have the correct tagged photos ( i mean you can do the facial recognition and add them to the server with the tags ) and finally be able to share them... i found at that part xbmc and plex isnt realy focussed on photo presentation

any ideas and inputs ?

wanna start this project as soon as possible :D