Some of us might need a little extra incentive to get out of the house and take a jog — that's where Zombies, Run!, a new iOS app, comes in. In the world of Zombies, Run!, you are Runner 5, one of the last remnants of humanity after the planet has been overrun by zombies. Your mission is to venture out of your base and collect supplies for the community, and that's where the fitness aspect of this game comes in. When you set the app to "running" mode, the app tells the story of Runner 5 through your headphones, giving radio orders on what supplies to collect and where to go, interspersed with the sound of approaching zombies. You can also use your own music while you're running as well and the app will insert bits of the story between tracks. It sounds a silly but potentially fun way to liven up a run when you're feeling like staying on the couch.

When you get back home and end your run, the app gives you limited stats on your distance, time and overall pace, and also informs you of what supplies you collected while out on your run. The more supplies (like batteries, food, or water) you collect, the more you can develop your base and get access to new missions. There's a few potential downsides — the app costs $7.99, which is a bit of an investment compared to most other apps, and there's only 13 missions available right now. Avid runners could blow through that pretty quickly, but the developers are planning another update to "season one" with 17 more missions, and it sounds like there might be more stories to come further down the line. If you're an Android user, this game will be coming to the platform this spring, but there's already a free app available called Zombie, Run! that appears to have heavily influenced this new iOS app. However, it hasn't been updated for nearly two years, so you might have a better experience trying the new version that's coming soon.