What I would love to see in a crop sensor camera / Why don't they do this? / 7D Mark II?

With Canon introducing the 5D Mark III with an impressie 22.3MP sensor I would love the true crop sensor versions of this cameras. When I say true crop sensor versions I mean take the "Full Frame" sensor and crop it.

The Canon 7D is a good camera, but the understandably the ISO performance and IQ isn't the same as the (much more expense, larger and newer) full frame 5D Mark III.

I'd love the see them take the 5D Mark III sensor and crop it (1.6 crop factor for Canon) down to a 13.9MP sensor and keep the exact same High ISO performance and image quality. Because of the reduced files sizes there might even be an increase in the burst FPS rate.

I understand the requirement for more MP in certain conditions. Pro landscap and fashion photographers are going to eat up the 22.3MP of the 5D Mark III or the insane 33.6MP of the Nikon D800, if they aren't using something like the Pentax 645D.

For everyone else, including me I think 13.9MP with the performance of the 5D Mark III would be awesome.