Irrational gaming dislikes #138: The "1" suffix

Did you play Doom 1? Wasn't it just a fantastic, terrifying, adrenaline-rush of a genre defining game?

No. No it wasn't, because there is no such game as "Doom 1"!

It was called Doom. Just "Doom". Doom 2 is a game, as is Doom 3. Doom 4 might even be one soon, but Doom 1 does not exist. Neither does Gears of War 1, nor Halo 1, nor Final Fantasy 1, nor Formula 1... hang on, maybe that last one does, but you get the point.

I am (we are) smart enough to differentiate between the games Doom and Doom 2 without needing to suffix "1" to the original in the pursuit of needless disambiguation. I understand that sometimes we use the name of the series as a handle to the latest game in it, and so losing the (addition of the) suffix might confuse - it's perfectly reasonable to take "have you played Assassin's Creed?", to mean Assassin's Creed Revelations, for example - but the silly purist in me thinks that if someone gives a name to something it's only right that we use that name, rather than one we've make up ourselves, out of basic respect.

This is an irrational gaming dislike. I can't fully (partially?) justify my opinion, but I sure as hell hold it and will most likely take it to my grave!

I'd love to hear of any other silly, erm vital/critical/well-thought-out, irrational gaming dislikes out there.