Android has long been a great platform for tinkerers, so when xda-developers user mumchristmas wasn't happy with the colors on his Galaxy Nexus, he didn't just complain about it — he worked to come up with a color profile and fix the settings himself. The self-described "part-time photographer" with an eye for accurate colors did some tests with the assistance of a color meter, and he found that the gamma, color balance, and color temperature were all off.

He's posted some quick instructions on how to get the screen more accurate if you're keen to do so. First off, you'll want to have your Galaxy Nexus rooted. Once that's done, you're going to need a ROM with init.d autostart support (AOKP should do the trick, so long as you enable startup tweaks in the settings menu), as well as a kernel with ColorControl (franco.kernel, for example). Once you've got that all set up you just need to add a file with the color settings to a folder in your phone and you'll be good to go.

The results, unfortunately, are a bit of a mixed bag. We've seen 5 different Galaxy Nexus displays at the same time, and every single one had a different tint. This means that there won't be a single color setting that works for every phone. Instead, it's best to use mumchristmas' guide as a starting off point to play around with the color settings until they look good for you. As usual, this shouldn't be attempted if you're not comfortable with messing with Android phones, and beware: once you start tinkering, it's hard to stop.