Should Google make a full blown OS?

I know that Chrome OS is made by Google and supposedly their OS, but let's be serious, it's the Google Chrome browser for $500.

I think Google should scratch Chrome OS and make a new actual OS. Overhaul the UI and change the name because Chrome itself is already a browser, no need to name the OS the same. But think about it, they already have a bunch of their own services and can just improve upon those. Google Docs, Gmail, Calender, they already have most apps people use. Google can also make the Chrome Web store into their place to download apps for the new OS, similar to the new Windows app store and Mac app store.

Also the ecosystem in the new OS can be exceptional because Google has already established Android, and Google Tv.

Just my thoughts though, maybe we will be surprised at Google I/O 2012. What do you guys think?