Affordable decent headphones with inline mic for smartphones, or how to deal with a "hiss"?


Thought I'd reach out to the community for some affordable headphone buying advice.

I just bought a pair of cheap Skull Candy headphones w/inline mic from RadioShack and immediately realized that there was background hiss on my Samsung Galaxy S 4G when playing a game or listening to podcasts on Google Listen. The hiss becomes noticeable in between tracks, or after I've played a move in a game like Words With Friends during a pause or silence.

When I use regular headphones without a mic, like the ones from my iPod, there is no hiss. The problem is that I would like to have one set of headphones to both listen to music and answer calls with. I'm going to return these earbuds sometime in the next week, but I don't know which other pair to get. There was a Sony pair for $29.99 (, the iPhone pair for 29.99, a cheaper Phillips pair ( for $20, and a budget set from a no-name company for around $15. There was also a pair from V-Moda on clearance for $40 that had noise-cancelling, but I don't know if it would also eliminate hiss. I have to go back to RadioShack as I used a giftcard to buy my current pair.

What do you all recommend?