Beats Audio unofficially available for all Android Devices



HTC has continuously pushed Beats Audio as a selling point for their newest handsets. Unfortunately, non-HTC users haven't had the opportunity to listen to music on a smartphone of a quality that only audiophiles would appreciate, until today. RockoDev, a member of the XDA-developers forum has managed to port the Beats Audio software to all Android devices in the form of an file. Users that installed the new modification have attested to great audio quality with significantly stronger bass and increased clarity.

With Sense 4.0, HTC has managed to inject Beats Audio into every aspect of the user's experience. The updated software now allows third-party applications to take advantage of the improved audio quality allowing for seamless integration and audiophile-like sound across your smartphone.

Root access and a custom recovery is needed in order to properly install the modded Beats Audio software. Remember: Doing this may void your warrant and/or harm your device. Do this at your own risk, as no one but you is held liable in case anything goes wrong. You can find the full detailed instructions at the link and watch the developer's video below.

Get the instructions Here

How to Install Beats Audio on ANY Android Phone (via qbking77)

Via: XDA, Android Central, SuperTechBlog