Mustang or Camaro

(Believe me, I know this is way off topic, hence the name of the group, but my friend and I have been debating for sometime now and we need to settle this)

Which car is better?

The Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro

Lets say that both cars are equal (or as close as possible) in terms of engine specifications. With that in mind, take into consideration all of the interior (i.e. leather seating, tech packages, etc.) and exterior features (i.e. spoilers, wheels, style, etc.) and come up with a conclusion on which car is better. Also take into some consideration of the safety ratings for both vehicles and other things you might come up with. May the best car win! Here is a count of the total votes: (mine included)

Ford Mustang: 9
Chevrolet Camaro: 6

(I will be editing this post to change the numbers, not sure how many times The Verge will let me edit a post but I will try to update the results as much as I can.)