The LG Optimus Vu — which we first saw at MWC — has been released in Korea, giving us a first look at pricing for the 5-inch phone-tablet hybrid. The Vu started selling in LG's home country at the beginning of this week, and is priced at a hefty 999,900 won (around $900 US) without a contract. While we wouldn't read too much into this for international markets, that looks like a solid increase over the comparable Galaxy Note, which is listed for retail at 750,000 won ($650 US).

The Vu will be available through SK Telecom and LG's own U+ service and will operate on LTE. It's currently running Android 2.3.6, but LG has promised an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade within three months. For everyone outside Korea, there's unfortunately no word yet on an international release, and we can only speculate on how much we'll be paying for the privilege of using that rubber stylus.