An example of Windows 8 being less than ideal


I'm writing this while hoping that some of you can convince me otherwise, help me understand or enlighten me.

I'm a web developer.

Often I get e-mails with the specific changes listed right on the e-mails (other times I get PSDs).

So say I fire up Visual Studio and open up my e-mail app in windows 8. On previous windows versions I would simply re-size both windows to fit my desktop and go to work. Now in Windows 8 I can't because the e-mail app is full-screen only.

So I guess my gripe is that I would like to use these metro apps in conjunction with the rest of the OS. Why didn't MS give us the ability to re-size these apps and use them on the desktop as well?

I've used W8 since the beta came out and I do feel like it doesn't lend itself well to multitasking. I have a HUGE 23" LCD (I actually have 2, haven't bothered to connect them both though) as sexy as these Metro apps look I would like to be able to re-size them and use them more efficiently.

I'm honestly thinking of holding off on getting W8 when it comes out and sticking to 7 on my tower. At least until I purchase a tablet or laptop. On those devices I know Windows 8 will work AMAZINGLY well.

PS. Another example: Say you researching something on Wikipedia and writing an e-mail or jotting down some notes. You would have to CONSTANTLY switch back and forth. It seems counter intuitive.

PPS. Has anyone used Metro on a dual screen setup? Does each app take up both screens? That would be PREPOSTEROUS.