Windows Phone Xbox Live Gaming- Here's How!

One of the greatest opportunities Microsoft has with Windows Phone is integration with Xbox Live. Being able to play Xbox titles (at least Xbox arcade games) against others on my phone using my Xbox Live handle is a huge differentiator. One main problem is control. iPhone touch screen controls suck for serious gaming. Physical controls are so much more responsive. A halfway attempt at controls on the Sony Xperia Play is a failed compromise. Microsoft already has one of the best controllers ever designed with their 360 controller. Making their phones compatible with 360 controllers makes so much sense. These controllers are already in millions of homes and they would keep mobile gameplay identical to console gameplay.

Here are a few renders of what I'm talking about. A simple, cheap accessory would act as a dock connecting your Windows Phone to the Xbox 360 controller.



Microsoft could release another dock for each new phone. By re-using a piece of hardware most Windows Phone users already have, they can quickly achieve wide adoption and keep costs down.

Wouldn't you rather use this than a PSP or an Xperia Play? The level of games you can play while mobile goes up substantially, as you should be able to play 'any' Xbox game!

I think the interface should be wireless, and the 'dock' should be flexible plastic to adjust viewing angles. I'll let Microsoft work out the details.

Let me know what you think. Here a few more shots to enjoy.