New work phone, thinking about getting a WP7.5 device - what u think?

Hi dear members of the Microsoft Tribe :)

Its time for me to get a new phone at work and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. Now I'm a Apple person at heart (but a .NET developer) but our hardware guy is a total Microsoft freak and he's pushing me to get a Windows phone. He got the HTC Titan but i told him I'm not getting a phone i have to hold with two hands. So he recommends me the Nokia Lumnia 800 and i felt it and it seems like a good size phone.

So with that said I'm still kinda sceptic for some reasons and i still got some questions to be answered and I was hoping you could help me out and give your input. The first question bellow is meant for the Nokia Lumnia 800 but it can apply to any phone you want to recommend me, the rest is some general WP7.5 questions.

- I want a dock for the phone that charge from the computer, is this available?

- How is Skype beta working? Can it be used on a regular basis with Skype calls? When is the official Skype set to be released for WP?

- How does the phone respond to listening to music and getting a call? and does it smoothly transfer back to my music after the call?

- What are the next major features in WP?

- Any updates are available right away?

- whats your fav feature of the WP?

I know this can be looked up on the web easy but there are so many people with good knowledge here and might give me a perspective i might now have seen otherwise. So thanks for your time and I truly appreciate any tips i can get on deciding this.