Posting a Photo - Using Flickr

This is a short 'How To' for posting photos from Flickr. I know some might not want to take the time to upload their photos to imgur (How To here) if the photos are already on Flickr. So here's how to post photos, from Flickr.

STEP 1: Click on which photo you'd like to post

Like so:


STEP 2: Above the photo, click on the 'Share' button

A drop down menu will appear, giving you 3 options.


Click on Grab the HTML/BBCode (To fit the Verge forum comments nicely, choose Medium 500 (500 x 332):


STEP 3: Copy and Paste the HTML code into your Verge comment

That's right, directly into the comment.


STEP 4: Preview your post and make sure it looks right


And there you have it!

P.S. Just make sure to add your EXIF data. That can be found under the 'Actions' tab and then 'View Exif Info.' Under 'Exif Data', the first 5 things listed (Camera, Exposure, Aperture, Focal Length, and ISO speed) you just need to copy and paste below the HTML code.