Google Play: My insights

Google Play was announced on March 6th as a rebranding of the Android Market place. Now to be honest I'm not really sure of the whole name. Icon and logo look good though. but "play" and adding it to the core apps. music, books (that we can't get rid anyway) and movies all have "play" in them and got new icons. Not sure if I like the face each of those apps (music being the only one I use) having "google play" in them. Why don't they just keep it simple?

Market was fine even though it sounds like something you'd see downtown on a saturday afternoon. One hand its unique, the other seems childish

but here is the part I don't get. They say everything is accessible from anywhere but hasn't it always been? did they finaly fix it so if you get a new phone or formatt one that the apps you bought can easly be redownloaded with out needing to search for them all over again like you did before?