Mouse Traps: A Solution for Multi-Monitors on W8

OK so this is probably stating the obvious as a solution for the corner gestures on Windows 8 while using a multi monitor but how about this:

Quite simply you place "mouse traps" in the corners of each display which I have coloured red here (you wouldn't normally see these). The cursor simply cannot pass through these boarders. For this example I have made the mousetraps take up 1/3 of the sides each, which could obviously be changed.

This would make reaching the corner of a screen much easier. These borders could apply to each display in use and the gestures could work on each of these displays.

If you wanted to move a window from one display to another in desktop; you can simply drag the window through the middle of the edges.

On a plus note this could even mean that performing a corner click/gesture on a display would cause that command to carry out on that display. For example if you were to go to the top left corner on display 1 you could select app X and then go to the top left of display 2 and select app Y. To top this off when you drag down from the top to rearrange the positioning of the apps you could drag these through the centre of the mouse traps to move it from one display to the other.