As per usual, Apple kicked off its iPad event with some facts and figures on the growth of iOS and the iPad over the last year. For starters, there's now 315 million iOS devices out in the marketplace in the market overall. Overall, there's 585,000 apps in the App Store available for those devices, with "over 200,000" optimized for the iPad interface. iCloud has been successful since its launch, as well — there's already 100 million iCloud users, up from the 85 million that were using it at the end of Apple's financial Q1.

Apple's "post PC" devices (iPad, iPod, and iPhone) make up 76 percent of the company's revenues, and the company sold a whopping 172 million of those post PC devices in 2011. As for its retail presence, there's now 362 Apple stores around the world and 110 million people visited these an Apple store in Q4 of 2011.