My Windows 8 suggestions

Hi everyone,

I been using Windows 8 CP on my home, corporate laptop and tablet. So far everything is great. Windows 8 is a very powerful OS excluding some of the driver issues I came across everything is running pretty damn good for a consumer preview.

Here are a few things I would improve I hope Microsoft is listening. These improvements shouldn't be to hard

1. Time. Its hard to find the time on a Windows 8 PC. This is what I would do

- Add time and date on the secondary taskbar (if your using a Multi monitor setup)

- Add time on the Metro Start Screen

Right now on a dual monitor setup my left monitor (primary) has all the metro apps and if I need to see the time I need to open the desktop to find it. I added a gadget on my right monitor but that monitor is filled with a bunch of desktop apps already.

2. WiFi when logging in. I joined my corporative slate tablet on my domain. I cant log into my domain account because I cant access my Wifi settings when I'm on the user account screen. Microsoft should allow users to connect to a WiFi network before logging into his/her account

3. Multitasking bar needs to have a small icon representing the APP your about to open. If you notice the multi tasking bar on the top left hand side only displays a small screenshot of the app your about to switch. I have multiple Metro Apps such as desktop, RDP, IE, Mail, Calendar and People always running.

Sometimes its very hard to tell the difference between RDP, Desktop and IE. If they can include the Metro icon on the top left hand side of the screenshot it will be very helpful.

Just a few suggestions what do you guys think?