To go along with your fresh new copy of iOS 5.1, why not download the latest version of iTunes? You can download version 10.6 at the source link below; we've seen errors trying to update iTunes directly through the software, so downloading from is probably your best bet. The major new change here is that iTunes now supports those high-resolution 1080p movies that should be rolling out to the iTunes Store as we speak. There are also a bunch of improvements on board for iTunes Match users — song matching should be more accurate, and album artwork "handling, downloading, and display" has also been updated. Overall it doesn't seem to have any major changes on the surface, but if you're interested in watching 1080p movies, this will be a worthwhile update. That said, it doesn't look like 1080p movies have rolled out widely to the store yet -- a quick check of many top titles on the movie store shows only 720p resolution still.