iPad (3rd gen), comparable Windows 8 tablets?

I enjoy the iPad hardware, aluminum back, solid buttons, retina screen, etc, but will any Windows 8 tablets have comparable hardware you think?

Android tablets haven't really appealed much to me so far (hardware wise, I'm not even going to get into the OS that I'm not a fan of). You had the Xoom which was terrible, the Galaxy tab with its godawful plastic back and terrible processor, HTC Flyer and Jetstream are way too thick and heavy, and everything else except the Transformer Prime have been not that great.

The Transformer Prime I really like, however. It really feels nice in the hand.

The HP Touchpad was a plasticy mess (not even enough of a success to allow HP to keep making them), the Blackberry Playbook feels nice in the hand but it's only 7 inches.

That brings me to the iPad (3rd gen). Great hardware, Apple's really nailed it. Obviously I haven't seen the new one, but since it's like the 2, I already know it's really nice feeling. And what's huge with me is that it offers 4G, retina screen, A5X processor, all are power sucking items (especially the new screen), but they managed to fit a much larger battery into this one, so the battery life is the same.

So here's what I recommend to compete with the new iPad: Make a nice feeling tablet (metal back for instance), add most of the good that Apple delivers in the new iPad (Qualcomm S4 Pro looks like an eligible processor with the requisite LTE chip, high res screen, etc), and combine it with Windows 8. Make sure it has a ~40 W-Hr battery.

And here's what could really sink the iPad among working professionals: Wacom stylus technology built in. Apple still is sticking to capacitive touchscreens, which aren't good enough for drawing, they are not precise (hence every capacitive stylus has a dull point at the end. And you can get 100's of response levels with a Wacom stylus. Perfect for drawing, writing, etc.

I don't think they'll sell more Windows 8 ARM tablets than Apple sells iPads, but they need to come out guns blazing on all fronts to get into that market. So far I've noticed that all the Windows Phones have been extremely tepid in hardware. That's very discomforting because I think that's kept their marketshare low on phones, because no one gets excited about the hardware and salesmen can't really push the better hardware over Android (or even the iPhone). Let's hope Microsoft has seen this and knows how to improve their launch of Windows on ARM.