An interesting look at Windows 8 from a power user's perspective

This is an article in Time by Jared Newman.

I found it an interesting read as it looks at something that Microsoft seem to be shying away from - what does Windows 8 mean for a "classic" windows user, much like myself and many many (millions) others.

Personally for me, the most illuminating was the following screenshot



At last count I have 12 apps in my taskbar that would look exactly like that in the new start screen. On top of that, since I now won't have access to the frequently used apps in the start menu I would be adding those as well and that's another 6 or 7 icons. Basically, most of those "pretty" tiles will be relegated to the second group - so much for that then, eh.

I'm sorry to all those worshipping the new metro UI but it fails on desktops. You have to be blind not to see that. And the fact that Microsoft is pushing it down our (desktop users) throats isn't winning it any points. Unless there are any major changes down the pipelines I probably will be skipping this one just like I did vista.