Best smartphone in $200-$400 price range(unlocked)?

I want to buy a new smartphone but I am totally confused and can't decide what to buy. There are too many choices in the market. I don't have a computer so I want a device that can live without a computer. There are only 2 operating systems that don't rely on a computer for file management and firmware updates...Symbian and Android. But there is not too much to sync. As I have a small music collection(under 2GB) but I'm more worried about Firmware updates. Apart from Symbian which OS supports FOTA? But I've selected a few phones- Nokia Lumia 710 Samsung Omnia W iPhone 3GS Samsung Galaxy R Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray I've never owned anything else than Symbian. I've heard that Android sucks, iOS and Windows Phone are too much dependent upon PC's for small things etc. So I'm really confused. I just want a good smartphone, I don't care about OS. But I need good audio Quality(iPhone is best), Smooth UI(Windows Phone), Good camera(N8 fits in my budget), Good build quality and it shouldn't rely on a PC for file management(but maybe I can handle that). Please help!