Sony has let it be known at a Game Developers Conference panel that the PlayStation Move motion controller has shipped over 10.5 million units. That's shipped, not sold, mind — Sony isn't releasing sell-through figures. The number also includes sales of the Navigation Controller, which is essentially the nunchuk to the Move controller's Wii Remote. For comparison, Microsoft's Kinect sensor had sold over 18 million units the last we heard and launched about two months after Move. It's also worth pointing out that Kinect is a single peripheral, with only one purchase necessary. However, an individual PlayStation 3 owner could conceivably account for up to four sales if he or she bought two Move controllers with Navigation add-ons. While Sony described Move as "successful," it couldn't be considered a smash success — perhaps the announcement of a May 22nd release date for Sorcery, one of the platform's few anticipated titles, will give it a boost.