TiVO and Comcast have been working on bringing the cable provider's Xfinity On Demand services to TiVO Premiere for some time now, but now it sounds like it'll be available this April. Traditionally, users who have purchased their own DVRs to use with Comcast haven't had access to their provider's specific On Demand material, but that'll finally be changing nearly a year after it was first revealed that Comcast and TiVO were planning this integration. Zatznotfunny.com got its hands on some images of a TiVO Premiere box with Xfinity On Demand in the menu selection, and believes that this service will roll out in the next few weeks to users in San Francisco. There's no word yet on when this service will roll out to more Comcast customers, but you can sign up to be notified on TiVO's webpage if you're interested.