HTC has added bootloader unlock support to yet another phone, and it's a classic — the HTC Dream, the original Android smartphone. Considering the Dream (known as the T-Mobile G1 in the US) was launched in 2008, there's a good chance that those who are still using one have already found less than official means to unlock the bootloader, but it's nice to see HTC add support nonetheless. The company has slowly been adding support for legacy devices, with the likes of the Hero, Legend, and Eris added last month, and the total of devices that can officially be unlocked now sits at 60 (including all of the carrier variants). For details on how to unlock your Dream, or other HTC device, be sure to check out HTC's dev site.

Unfortunately, not all versions of the device are supported, as HTC has told us that the T-Mobile USA/UK, SingTel, and Optus variants won't be able to use the unlock. In other words, HTC isn't at 100 percent unlock coverage just yet — but the company seems to be making good progress