Google's Street View has comprehensively recreated the experience of, say, driving through Times Square, but it falls somewhat short covering areas that its cars, trikes, and snowmobiles can't reach. Now, after sending teams on a two-month hike with backpack-mounted 360-degree cameras, Nature Valley has compiled a tour of trails in the Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, and Yellowstone National Parks.

Google's own services include several shots of parks like the Grand Canyon, but Trail View aims to provide a different experience: the feeling of actually hiking down those tiny switchbacks. It's not going to replace the experience of visiting any of these parks, and of course real trails won't let you magically skip to the waterfall at the end, but it's a well-organized tour through some of the most beautiful places in America. There aren't any plans to cover other parks, so you'll have to get your hiking boots on if you want to venture outside the areas mapped out in the source link below.