It's been a long time coming, but the Archos G9 series of tablets are finally being upgraded to Android 4.0. This over-the-air update will roll starting today, so start checking your notification area furiously to see when its your turn. As we saw back at CES, this update should bring a fairly clean version of Ice Cream Sandwich to all devices in the Archos G9 range, including the original 80 and 109 G9 tablets as well as the more recently-released "turbo" variants. The new features Archos is touting are what you'd expect out of Ice Cream Sandwich: folders on the homescreen, a new application drawer, a new multitasking system, the "people" app, resizable widgets, and everything else Google released back in November. While this still won't make these tablets anything but budget options, it's always encouraging to see more devices be upgraded to the current OS.