Path has just announced that it's shipping a new version of its social networking app. The main addition is that you can now match music you're listening to ala Shazam and then share it on Path. The company is working with Gracenote to check for music. Additionally, the company also added improved camera functionality with exposure and focus controls as well as updated custom lenses.

The bigger news is that Path is opening itself up to third party developers, beginning with Nike. The API is private for now, but Path is working with some partners now, will have more to announce soon, and says it's happy to work with others. The goal is to allow users to share more types of data — inspired by the fact that Path found that users were taking screenshots of other apps to share. Rather than have users take screenshots of other apps, Path believes that it makes more sense to partner with those app developers with a direct integration.

With Nike+, Path users will be able to share their workouts on the app. For example, if you go for a run you can see "cheers" from your friends while you run, see a map of your entire run afterwards, and also share beyond Path into Facebook and Twitter. Users can download Nike+ GPS later today.

Path will also be integrating the Nike FuelBand into Path in the "coming weeks," just like with the Nike+ app. Path demonstrated the new integration today and you can connect the two apps together, then you're able to track your run directly in Path.

The new features are available on both iOS and Android — though the camera features are currently exclusive to the iPhone.