Path's big 2.1 release today comes with a promise of another update coming shortly: version 2.1.1. The extra .1 on the end represents Path's intention to add "hashing" to any contact data it collects. The move is obviously a response to the fact that Path experienced the brunt of the contact collection drama last month, when it was revealed the the company was collecting address book information from its users. In response, Path deleted the data, apologized, updated its app to request permission, and has begun working with TRUSTe to get privacy certification (it's not quite there yet). Path is also taking a bit of a lead in trying to continue the conversation about mobile app privacy, working with Lookout Mobile Security. Path was definitely not the only app that was collecting this information, but it's still not known how many other apps have (or still are) collecting contacts from users.

One of the ideal solutions to collecting address book data is to anonymize it before it's uploaded, a process called "Hashing" that still allows for contact matching but doesn't reveal the content of the data to anybody. No word yet on when the .1 update will come.

Apple has promised that it would require apps to request permission for collecting user information in a future iOS update.