HTC Desire HD owners can be thankful

With the exceptional amount of disappointment over the rollout of ICS (or a lack of rollout) for older, non-Nexus, Android phones, HTC Desire HD users can be extremely thankful to LorD ClockaN and the army of Android experts who have been working hard at doing what Google and HTC should have been able to do months ago, get Ice Cream Sandwich onto what was a cutting edge phone a year ago.

Whilst Cyanogenmod 9 still appears a distant possibility for this most capable of phones, many of us have been desperately waiting for something to shift us from the dreariness of Gingerbread and into the new world of the much vaunted Ice Cream Sandwich. This waiting has prompted much searching of the internet, ironically via Google, often leading to the amazing but confusing XDA forums.

So, the emergence of the now heavily revised Ice Cold Sandwich should be cheered. Built through the efforts of many individuals who know a lot more than most about the inner workings of both Android and the HTC Desire HD driver set, their sweat and tears have produced an extremely usable and very authentic port of Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses of, up to now, ignored HTC Desire HD owners.

So, all that remains is for these users to discover the ROM (here:, root their phones (not as scary as the unwashed would have you believe) and get the ROM installed onto your device. You really won't be disappointed.

Disclosure: The extent of my affiliation with Ice Cold Sandwich is that I use version 5.0 of this ROM and cannot recommend it enough.