It looks like a rumored relic from Sony Ericsson's past — a Windows 7 phone codenamed "Julie" — has just appeared for sale on eBay. Photos of the prototype on eBay appear to be new, and they very closely resemble shots of a rumored WP7 QWERTY slider that leaked just over a year ago. The eBay listing is light on specs, except for an 8.1-megapixel camera, which is on par with other current flagship WP7 phone cameras. While Sony Ericsson was initially slated to be a Windows Phone 7 hardware partner in 2010, it never actually got a WP7 device to market. But if you've got a burning desire to be possibly one of the only people on Earth with your hands on "Julie," you've got nearly two days left to jump in the auction. Just don't expect any subsidized pricing — in the time it took to write this, bidding jumped from $810 to over $3,000.

Update: The listing's been pulled from eBay without explanation, but it's not hard to imagine that someone would prefer for secret prototypes to stay secret.

Thanks, TheKingsEighth!