Quad core Graphics.. Really that big a difference?

I am getting an Ipad 3 (or New iPad) on day 1 no doubt.

However Im thinking that game performance will be around the same as the iPad 2 and it shouldn't be the sole reason for buying the Ipad 3.

Reason I say that is: The new ipad has a much much higher res screen meaning that the quad core graphics porbably just allow the iPad 3 to stay on par with the ipad 2, maybe slightly faster. I mean don't get me wrong, the gpu in the iPad 3 is a beast but it would be much much more beastly in the iPad 2 or other tablets with a similar screen reso. I think IPad 2 graphics are fantastic so I am happy either way.

But is that the right assumption? The quad core GPU is probably there just to power the extra pixels and not necessarily for gaming. I think the Quad core graphics are more a need for having such high res rather than Apple trying to up spec anti.