Windows Phone issues: am

I own an IS12T phone. This was the first phone in the world with 7.5 mango. It is made by Fujitsu Toshiba for the Japanese carrier au. I am mostly satisfied with the phone and have had a great experience in almost all use cases, so the issues I am about to mention are not deal breaking, merely frustrating in an otherwise great phone. The fact that I have heard no other person complain about these things leads me to question if it is specific to my phone, the model, the carrier, or if all windows phones have these issues but no one has bothered to bring them up. Hence this survey. If you own a windows phone, please state the maker/model/carrier, and whether you have any of these issues

POP: During audio playback, skipping or advancing to the next track when the current track completes causes any audio output via the headphone jack to pop loudly like you might expect from pulling out the cable and putting it back in. Between every track. Regardless of the set of headphones, audio output to sound systems, or audio output to fm radio dongle for my car. Streaming is one continuous song source and doesn't result in this behavior, but all podcasts and mp3s cause this issue.
BSOD: If I am listening to a podcast and I get a phone call the track fades out as expected, and comes back in at the completion of the call. However, after a specific amount of time (about 5 seconds: I assume the amount of the podcast buffered in memory) the sound cuts out, the screen goes black, and I am unable to recover by any combination of button presses. I have to open the case, remove my battery, and then put it back in and startup the phone again. This doesn't occur if I am not listening to music/podcast at the time I get the call. It happens every time when I am listening to something and get a call.

ANTENNAGATE: holding the screen flush against my face causes signal degradation and dropped calls.

ZOOMZOOM: on most websites if I double tap to zoom in on a section I cannot scroll while zoomed in. Any attempt to do so causes e browser to zoom out again. Wikipedia is a notable offender. I really notice this problem there. I have similar issues with the built in maps app. When set to a convenient zoom level, if I try to pan the view around it often zooms out.
CAMERA: any light source behind the subject bleeds really badly. The white balance is almost always off and auto focus takes a long long time so I generally need to just take the shot when it's close (it's a feature: built in instagram color/soft focus filtering... Right?) The shutter takes several seconds to operate. Basically I need subjects that will pose long enough for their portrait to be hand-drawn by near-sighted color-blind light-sensitive gremlins. 13.2 megapixels worth of them.