Zune Scrobbles, Legally...?

Let me go ahead and apologize in advance for the formatting of this post. I have to rattle some stuff off before I forget what I want to say. So here we go :)

There's so much music that I'd like to share with my friends that either A) Spotify doesn't have, or B) YouTube only has sub-par, live cell-phone videos of. It would really make my life just a tad bit more complete if Zune (or a Windows equivalent) let me post a song straight from my native Windows player, whatever it may be. I own a WP7 device, so I use Zune the most because it lets me drag and drop a song from my library directly onto my phone or a playlist that's on my phone/Zune desktop.

Spotify is cool, and accomplishes this mission, but not all of my friends have/want Spotify. Also, Spotify really does lack things like local bands and some music that I buy straight from artists. The same could be said about Zune, but I hope you know what I'm getting at...

If MS is listening: Let me attach one of my Windows cloud accounts (Windows Live, Skydrive), or even my Facebook account to my Zune player, so there's a place to "cache" the song, so that my friends can listen to it right from FB w/o having to download a specific player. One step further, I'd hope a FB rep saw this and found a way to incorporate it into the TimeLine without alienating their partners.

Let me be clear, this should be strictly track by track sharing, opt-in style. No indiscriminate scrobbling of Air Supply or Avril Lavigne.

I'm also aware that I can upload a song to an assortment of sites that will provide me a short link to share the song, but that's just not personal enough (and after witnessing the MegaUpload drama, also seems illegal). Just post it to the timeline/feed/[social media buzzword] as a link to an MP3 and let their default player take care of the rest. Seems like it could just temporarily cache the song like other streaming services, and then delete it. That ought to qualify as a solid "share" and not a transfer of a file to an undisclosed third party.

This whole rant manifested itself when I tried to share Here's To You by O.A.R. with a buddy who was feelin' down, and the best quality track that I could find was stored on my HDD. There's no way to share music if it's stored on a PC, unless I'm terribly naive about available software. Again, I'd love to be able to do this without using a file sharing program or website.

Maybe there's a way to play Google Music so that they can listen without having to download or sign up for some service? I'm using Google Music as an example here, because it uploaded my entire library to the site while operating in the background. That's pretty effin' classy, if you ask me.

For the tl;dr crowd, the question I'm posing is: Can I share (not give) MY music with people that I know, without having to jump through flaming hoops, or getting targeted by the Feds? I've only ever been able to do that by letting them borrow the CD... I don't like giving up my physical media....

Any input or suggestions would be great...maybe I could share a couple jams with you guys or vice versa?

****P.S. - This is in the Microsoft forum because I'm using a WP7 w/Zune on Win7, otherwise I would have lobbied for a music forum, and posted there after The Verge made it for me :D

P.P.S. - How about that music forum....!?!?!? I'd say call it AudioPhiles, but that term could apply to many, many readers on just about every topic that your current forums cover. Vergestock? Vergester? 106th and Verge? I don't care, I just WAAAAHNT!