One Small Thing Google Could Do to Increase the Amount of Paid Apps Being Bought

Maybe this is a little too obvious, or maybe it won't make a big enough splash, but here it is:

"Gift cards". Or rather, prepaid cards, much like iTunes cards.

I personally don't have a credit card, being a teenager, which means I'm limited to free apps on my GNex. I could sideload, but I don't believe in piracy.

Compare that to my iPad, where I can buy prepaid gift cards with whatever cash I have at the time, and then buy premium apps (and in-app purchased, such as coins on DrawSomething or brushes in Paper).

It's not too difficult, and I personally would use them. I'm not sure how big of a dent it would make, but think of it this way:

Apple - Uses credit cards and gift cards. Very successful with paid apps.

Amazon - Uses credit cards and gift cards. Successful with Paid apps.

Google - Uses credit cards. Not successful.

Just a thought.