Bungie said that it was going to stop collecting Halo stats on Bungie.net at the end of March, and now that the month has come and gone it's official: the developer no longer has anything to do with the iconic franchise. The site's posted an infographic to give us an idea of how much data — and time — Halo online multiplayer has amassed over the years since it launched on November 9, 2004. 136 billion kills have been recorded over 235,182 cumulative years of playtime. That's more kills than the estimated of humans to have ever lived on earth, and that's enough time to travel the length of the Milky Way at the speed of light, twice. Halo 3 dominates the stats, with about half of all playtime accounted for by the title and its expansion, ODST. The third title in the series awarded 5.2 billion double kills, and the battle rifle was unsurprisingly the most popular weapon, with 15.4 billion kills. While Bungie.net will no longer maintain Halo stats, everything will continue to be recorded at halo.xbox.com.