The MotoACTV is set to receive yet another update tomorrow. First up is an upgrade to the MotoACTV's Android companion app that gives it support for all devices running Android 2.1 or greater to send email, text, call log, and calendar notifications to the watch over Bluetooth. The app previously only worked with Motorola's smartphones, stripping away one of the ACTV's most intriguing features unless you opted to use one of the company's smartphones as well. The update also adds functionality that lets you plan workouts from within the app, track fitness goals, and "use your Android smartphone to set up Wi-Fi networks" for the MotoACTV. There aren't any more details on what exactly that last feature does, but we're reaching out to the company to see if we can find out more.

Motorola will also release its beta golf software update for MotoACTV owners tomorrow. The update adds the golf activity with stroke tracking and green distance readings to non-Golf Edition versions of the device, and it will be available for free. Those with the 8GB model will have to act quickly though — the new golf features will only be available until April 16th, at which time Motorola will start charging users with the lower-priced ACTV an undisclosed fee to get the upgrade.

Update: Motorola got back to us about the new companion app feature, saying that it "is just another way for the user to set up a WiFi network on his/her MOTOACTV, so workouts are synced wirelessly between the device and the portal."