We know quite a bit about Sprint's upcoming Galaxy Nexus LTE except the most interesting part — when it'll be available and how much it'll cost. Eager Sprint fans may not have much longer to wait, however, as an anonymous Walmart employee has sent us an internal document stating that the device will launch on April 22nd at Sam's Club — a Walmart-run discount club store. The device is to be identical to Verizon's LTE variant of the device, except it has Google Wallet support and it's still rumored to run at 1.5GHz — a 300MHz bump over its GSM and Verizon LTE cousins.

Other than the Galaxy Nexus, the document reveals a yet-to-be-announced Intensity III for Verizon, sure to be a followup to the Samsung Intensity II dumbphone. The internal paper also says that Sprint's LG Viper LTE smartphone will be available on April 15th. We've cross-checked the dates provided on the document with known release dates and they all line up. Sprint's first LTE markets are set to go live mid-year, so we certainly expect the carrier's Galaxy Nexus to be available sometime around then — whether or not that means April 22nd is still just a rumor for now.