Until Paper for iPad launched, we didn't know many people who were clamoring for a stylus to use in conjunction with their iPad. And now, the Best Buy around the block from us is sold out of styli, and Amazon's in-house stylus has reached #1 on the sales chart for tablet accessories — ahead of smart covers, screen protectors, cases, and stands. Well OK, maybe it was Draw Something that spurred the rush, but if it's not completely evident, the stylus is making a bit of a comeback.

While no iPad stylus is perfect (how much fun is drawing on glass using a pen, really?), we've thrown together our favorites and given each a run with Paper, our new go-to scribbling app, to present you with the best stylus for iPad, once and for all. Check out the Verge Scores beneath each stylus, and then refer to the Wrap Up section at the bottom of the page to see complete Score breakdowns.

Update: On May 31st, eight new styli were added to the post (beginning with the Monoprice 8843), and are included in a brand new "Part II" Video Review about halfway down the page. Since this second round of styli were deliberately chosen after hearing recommendations from readers, the results tend to be a bit better.

Update: On July 14th, four new styli were added, beginning with the LYNKtec TruGlide. There is no video review for these four styli.