Sony has just announced that it'll report a record $6.4 billion loss for the 2011 financial year. It's a bad number however you look at it, though more than half of the overall figure is made up of a tax charge (about $3.6b) that Sony has had to take in the US. That charge, together with Sony's already expected $2.9 billion loss from operations, has resulted in today's grisly revision to the company's estimated annual accounts.

"Due to the recording of this additional tax expense, net loss attributable to Sony Corporation’s stockholders is expected to be significantly greater than the February forecast."

2012 is expected to be a better year, however, as Sony plans on returning to profitability with a consolidated income that should be ¥180 billion ($2.2b) in the black. We already knew Thursday's corporate strategy meeting was going to be a big deal for Sony, now Kaz Hirai will have to conduct it in the shadow of this giant looming loss.