How did you come to the Apple camp?

My journey was a long one, I lived vicariously though the MS/Apple wars, reading the articles in magazines (the internet was a fantasdha, everyone I knew y at that point) and had landed firmly in the Windows camp, everyone I knew that had Apple stuff had 2 of everything, one that worked (usually the newest model) and another slightly older device that didn't work for some reason, the store couldn't fix it, bad board that wasn't available, out of warranty and too difficult to get Apple to fix it, etc.

I spent a decade building Wintel PC's and raising a family, I'm not a "party guy" and it was a fun hobby, as my family grew, I built custom PC's for them too, usually from leftover parts from my builds. As my daughter got older, she graduated from the novelty PC's that looked like a dog to Wintel laptops, and she grew up on me and went to college.

After the first semester, this child, my own flesh and blood, dared to actually demand a MacBook, her reasons were inconsequential, "Everyone at school has them." "They work great." I listened, silently aghast at what had happened, she had turned into one of "them", holy Christ, how could this have happened? Where did I go wrong? This kid knew Windows better than I did.

I found a used MB for her, bought it from a friend on some forums I frequented, and followed his Apple exploits for a few years, he seemed level headed and knowledgable, despite owning Apple computers and actually liking them.

She got her MB and then I found a deal on gen 1 iPhones, hacked it to T Mobile and started really watching what apple was doing. I started buying Apple stock as well. At one point, I had gone in to a B&M outlet for my brokerage and talked with an advisor who suggested my holding of Apple and gold index funds were a little crazy. I bought some recommended bonds, but kept my Apple stock buying more as I could afford it.

Fast forward to today, I have a 13" MBA, a giant, porky 17" Dell laptop for general use and hacking of Android phones, an iP4 on Verizon (my phone that actually works all the time and I haven't hacked to death with custom roms) and a Samsung Galaxy Note on Straight Talk. At last count I have 4 iPads an iPod Touch I carry at work to circumvent the "no cell phones" policy and still be able to trade stocks without using my employer's computers, but hopping onto the guest WiFi is allowed, a handful of 7" Android tablets and a PlayBook (who can resist a $200 tablet?) and a Nano watch (I wear a Rolex, and have had exactly one person comment on it, I've had dozens of people comment on the Nano watch, I get comments on it every day, people love the way it looks).

I should be an Apple millionaire soon too.

Computers changed my life for the better, Apple Inc. has enriched my life to a degree I could never have dreamed.

Tell us your story about how you came to the club...