Sony gave its VAIO E series of laptops a slight specification bump earlier this year, but now the company's completely redone the chassis with the new VAIO E Series 14P. The 14-inch mainstream laptop is no ultrabook — it weighs 5.07 pounds and has a DVD drive — but it's fairly slim at 0.88 inches. The chassis redesign comes with some styling accents like a none-too-subtle highlight color wrapping around the edges and an aluminium-colored speaker bezel at the top of the machine, but what we're most glad to see is a backlit keyboard and a large trackpad. The screen unfortunately hasn't received any attention and appears to be the same as the VAIO EG's LED-backlit 1366 x 768 display. Sony has added a gimmicky Kinect-like gesture control feature to the laptop, however, which lets you wave your hands in the air in front of the 1.3-megapixel webcam to move forward and back in webpages and your music library, though it only sounds moderately useful at best for controlling PowerPoint presentations.

In terms of internals, the Series 14P is only available in one configuration at this point: it comes with a soon-to-be-outdated 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge Intel Core i3-2350M processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. The system also has switchable graphics that opts for its AMD Radeon HD 7670M with 1GB of video RAM when needed and back down to integrated graphics to try and squeeze out as much battery life as possible. Sony says it'll last seven hours to a charge, and that'll power its Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n radios. The system's also got a healthy amount of ports with two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and an HDMI connection. The VAIO E Series 14P isn't priced yet, but it should be available sometime this spring in Europe in black, white, and pink.

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